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Xbox injures footballer, causing him to miss football game

Professional soccer player Courtney Baker-Richardson of Crewe Alexandra has missed a soccer match after an unfortunate incident. According to Crewe Alexandra, an Xbox console injured the football player, causing his top scorer to miss against Carlisle United last Saturday.

‘He did it in an innocuous way,’ says Crewe Alexandra manager Alex Morris in a radio interview with the BBC. “Which is about right for us with the injuries right now. He did it while playing on his Xbox. He dropped his leg on the couch and adjusted it.

For those wondering how an Xbox could hurt a professional athlete, we’re not sure either, but it could have something to do with Baker-Richardson’s existing medical conditions. “It’s an area of ​​his body where he’s had trouble before,” Morris says. “There’s nothing we can do about it, but he’s undergoing treatment and I hope he gets better.”

The injury is unfortunate as Baker-Richardson is one of Crewe Alexandra’s top stars, scoring half of Crewe Alexandra’s twelve goals this season. Signed just earlier this summer, Courtney Baker-Richarson has just a week left to recover from his Xbox injury so he can make the team’s next game, meeting Gillingham in a match at home Saturday.

This accident is one of the rare cases where a game console has been recorded for injuring a player. Most injuries attributed to video game consoles are related to carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition in which excessive pressure is applied to the median nerve in the hand, causing immense pain and numbness in certain areas of the hand. Therefore, the Xbox that caused football star Courtney Baker-Richardson’s injury is somewhat of a unique case, having sustained a lower extremity injury compared to the usual hand injury.

Crewe Alexandra currently sits 12th in English Football League Two, the EFL’s lowest division.