Soccer game

Woman pulled away from collapsed condo wing after football game

SURFSIDE, Fla .– A football game may have saved Patricia Avilez’s life.

Avilez’s brother-in-law lives in a condo in the wing of a 12-story oceanfront building that collapsed in a town outside of Miami early Thursday, killing at least one person.

When the brother-in-law isn’t around, Avilez stops by regularly to pick up mail and make sure everything is in order in the condo.

“Last night I was thinking, ‘Let me go and sleep over there all night,’ she said. “I was watching the football game and changed my mind and stayed home.”

She said she woke up at 5:30 a.m. Thursday and walked to the apartment. On the way, she heard on the radio about the collapse.

“And then I came here and go,” she said. “Everything is a disaster. “