Soccer game

Woman calls sick man to watch football game and is fired when boss sees her on TV

Unfortunately, Nina’s bosses at Composite Prime also knew she was attending the game and told her not to bother coming to work.

“They said they saw that I had been to the game, and I was honest about why I did,” Farooqi said. the Daily Telegraph. “But I didn’t get any sympathy at all and they said that was it. It is their call and the consequence of what I have done. “

Farooqi said she used her job to fund travel to attend soccer games while working as a freelance soccer photographer and video producer and added that she received help from friends of women’s football who had found offers for new jobs.

“It hasn’t happened since 1996, I vividly remember crying on my mom’s couch when Gareth Southgate missed his penalty, and the football fan in me just couldn’t do it . Football is my life, “Farooqi said of England. Euro 2020 final.

Charles Taylor, director of Composite Prime, suggested that he would have allowed Farooqi to attend the game if she had been honest.

“It is an exciting time for everyone in England and if the opportunity presented itself we would have encouraged participation in such an important football match.

“Unfortunately, on this occasion, our employee lied by taking a day of sick leave to attend the football game on Wednesday July 7. It was in violation of her employment contract and so we had no other choice than to take appropriate action.

“As a company, we value honesty and integrity, and we do not tolerate any employee who takes advantage of our policies. As many businesses will across the county, our staff will hopefully be off Monday morning. it, recover from the celebration of an England win. “

England will face Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday July 9, 2021.

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