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Windsor tightens security at Eastman Park after football pitch vandalism – Greeley Tribune

After several incidents of vandalism at Eastman Park, Windsor officials have tightened security and are keeping the football field closed until the damage is repaired.

Since October, a driver or group of drivers has driven on the west side of the park, located at 7025 Eastman Park Drive, leaving tire tracks on the 15 acres used as the city’s recreational soccer field, according to a news release. from the city. Authorities estimated the damage at $5,000.

Football games have been canceled, postponed and moved due to the damage. Recreation Supervisor Jerod Cronquist said the vandalism of one of the city’s most popular recreation areas is disappointing, the statement said.

“Our staff works tirelessly to keep our parks clean, maintained and in good repair to provide our community with the opportunity to come together and enjoy these amenities,” he said. “These incidents use city funds to repair the damage, the time of our staff, and the time of the families who participate in our recreational activities.”

Windsor Police are asking anyone with information about the vandalism to call the non-emergency number at (970) 674-6400.

A driver or group of drivers has traveled to the west side of Eastman Park in Windsor multiple times since October, city officials say, causing around $5,000 in damage and canceling football games. The land will remain closed until the damage is repaired.