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Why not play on the UNM football field?

There are plenty of irons in the fire for new or renovated United Soccer League stadiums and similar projects across the country, but the two teams slated to join the league in 2022 – Monterey Bay Union FC and Queensboro FC – have stadium agreements with universities to use their land or existing facilities.

The University of New Mexico and Peter Trevisani, principal owner of New Mexico United, said the logistics of scheduling matches and using university facilities, including UNM-owned parking lots, around the Avenida Cesar Chavez / University Boulevard sports area would be difficult. , and the expressed desire to add a women’s football team to the mix makes it virtually impossible to pursue a UNM / United partnership.

Trevisani said soccer teams should schedule their games around Lobos soccer matches and Isotopes baseball matches, as well as the occasional pit-pit events that could overlap soccer season. He also noted that the Saturday games are crucial in attracting fans and income for both the city and the teams, especially in attracting fans from out of town, and that the Isotopes and Lobo regularly organize matches on Saturdays.

But that doesn’t mean that sharing a college facility can’t be done.

Last month, the league and Monterey Bay Union FC opened a ceremony for the renovation of the Freeman Stadium on the Cal State University-Monterey Bay campus in Seaside, California.

The 14-year deal approved by the university’s board of directors states that three teams – Monterey Bay Union and the Division II Otters men’s and women’s football teams – will train and play games on the pitch, which will receive improvements to the turf, seating and changing rooms. and more.

The team-owned group would pay $ 11 million for the stadium renovation, which was built in 1951. The stadium will have 6,000 seats and will be called Cardinale Stadium, as the team announced that a car dealership of the region had acquired the naming rights.

“The Cardinale Stadium is one of more than 25 new stadiums expected in the USL over the next three to five years,” the league press release said on September 16.

In April, Queensboro FC announced the construction of a 7,500-seat stadium on the York College campus in Jamaica, Queens, New York, which will be in use from 2022.

Although the price is unknown, the construction is fully covered by team property while the land is provided by the New York City University system. The team has a five-year lease with CUNY with possible extension.

York College and other CUNY programs will use the facility.

In fact, according to the lease, the stadium must be used primarily – “that is, at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the time, for CUNY events and secondarily, which means no more than forty -nine percent (49%) of the hour, for QBFC events and / or third-party events.

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