Soccer ball

Who was the inventor of the soccer ball?

The soccer ball it is the element around which practically the whole world revolves. Over the ages, its shape and composition have changed to achieve greater sphericity, lightness and aerodynamics and allow more precise play.

What were the bullets like before?

Bullets today have nothing to do with those used decades ago. Throughout history there was various civilizations and peoples who used balls for different games or sports.

Is in UK where in the century XIXth this sport is starting to become popular. the English Football Association specifies that the balls must have a circumference of 70 centimeters and weigh between 350 and 400 grams.

The first soccer balls used at this time were Leather and called touch because of the drawstring that closed the seams on the outside. Inside was a pig’s bladder filled with hay.

Later, over the decades, the balls would evolve and these changes would be appreciated in those that were used in every soccer world cup.

The world cup ball

During the first World Cup in football history, that of 1930 in Uruguay, the touch the balls, in the final between the host country and Argentina, they used one made in each country for each of the games.

At the 2006 World Cup, a ball with fewer segments was used, called team spirit. And it was in 2010 that one of the most revolutionary was born: the Jabulani, protagonist of the South Africa World Cup because of the complexity of stopping and the strangeness of what he was doing in the air.

Years later, soccer balls were made with multiple layers that offered superior characteristics that benefited the performance of the sport by making it lighter. Currently designs keep evolving because brands continue to produce high-tech materials, to make a product that is fast, waterproof, soft to the touch and safe to hit the head.

At present, the circumference of the ball is 99.9% and it has grains for better grip on the heads. This technology was created by Adidas in 1991 for the rugby ball. However, in football it was applied recently. The best soccer balls have one of the seals used by FIFA: International Match Standards, FIFA QUALITY or FIFA QUALITY PRO.

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