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What’s the best football game you’ve watched?

Best football game you've watched on TV

Sometimes a match ends and we think to ourselves, ‘man, this might be the best football game i have ever watched.

Of course, there are a lot of factors that come into play. For example, Barcelona fans like me might say La Remontada against PSG wins the first prize. PSG supporters are certainly trying to erase that day from their memory. Likewise, Barcelona fans try to forget May 7, 2019. This day lives on in Liverpool tradition for the rest of time as the unimaginable happened.

Some fans love goals. The recent seven-goal thriller between Manchester City and Real Madrid may not be in this discussion for the biggest game, but it has captivated millions.

Then, of course, there is the drama. Whether it’s a World Cup, a European Championship, a Champions League, the last day of a league season or a playoff final, matches are simply better when there is more at stake.

The ‘game of the century‘ in 1970 between Italy and West Germany sent the Italians to the World Cup final with a 4-3 finish. Manchester United’s two late goals against Bayern Munich secured England’s first treble of the season.

What’s the best football game you’ve watched?

We want to know which game is at the top of your watched games list. If it revolves around a certain club, be sure to mention what you remember from that game. Often fans remember where they were and how they reacted to a certain goal, save or major moment.

You can be as specific as you want. Some people might watch a defensive masterclass and think it was superb. Others want to see goals stolen by groups for player and crowd reactions. We are all different and we have different stories.

Be sure to share your story of the best football game you’ve watched in the comments below. Someone may share a favorite game with you.