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What makes this year’s soccer game a must buy

One of the most anticipated video games of the year is less than a month away. Read on to find out what makes FIFA 21 worth buying!

In my honest opinion, the FIFA the franchise has had more success than failures over the years and FIFA 21 does not seem different. Although no video game is perfect (except GTA 5), recent payments of FIFA always seems to do it for me.

Whether it’s the start of the franchise’s Journey mode in 2017, it’s smooth gameplay, or those iconic victory animations when you score, for the most part, FIFA never ceases to amaze me.

While the aforementioned Journey mode was last seen in FIFA 19 without any sign of return since then, FIFA 20 saw the beginnings of something similar in what was to be called VOLTA Football. This mode has been confirmed for FIFA 21 with some improvements.

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Improved VOLTA Football Mode

If you are like me then you were a huge fan of fifa street series. Since there was no new fifa street video game since 2012, all I can say is FIFA ‘Last year’s VOLTA Football mode was a great replacement.

This time the mode returns to FIFA 21 with brand new sites, online games and, of course, The Debut. The latter serves as a campaign mode for the game starring Kaká and Lisa Zimouche.

The agile dribbling function

This new feature is intended to improve gameplay and give players greater flexibility and creativity when playing this beautiful game. If you want to get flashy, if you consider yourself a ball handler to 100%, this new feature was tailor-made for you.

By the way, while this new feature was meant to help you get past defenders with a bit more flair than previous episodes, try not to get too cute or you might end up depriving yourself of the ball … just saying .


EA Sports

Updated career mode

If you are new to FIFA, its very easy to confuse its career mode with a story mode. If you’re looking for dramatic and mind-blowing cut scenes, dynamic storylines, and awesome dialogue, you won’t get it here as this mode is designed for players of a more technical style.

What this year’s career mode will bring you are some pretty nifty changes, including more control over your players. The new player growth system allows you to turn your right wings into right backs and vice versa, midfielders into false 9s and more.

Other than that, the mode will feature a smarter AI system which equates to a much harder game for you, new transfer options, an interactive match simulation feature, and much more.


With skill move updates, a stellar soundtrack, a host of other features, FIFA 21 promises to be another critical success.

The game is slated for release on October 9, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows. Other than that, FIFA 21 will also be available for next-gen consoles at a date not yet announced. Similar to Madden, the dual entitlement schedule will apply.