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What happened to Elizabeth Lambert, soccer player and “Ponytail Girl”?

We often see soccer players get tough on the pitch, but one such notable incident happened in 2009. Elizabeth Lambert, the name that made headlines in all parts of the world that year.

The November 5, 2009 NCCA Women’s Soccer game between BYU and New Mexico became the most-watched game of the season.

What did Elizabeth Lambert do?

The seeded BYU took on fourth-seeded New Mexico in the NCCA Women’s Soccer Tournament. The match turned into a national tragedy due to its violence and rough play on the pitch.

Elizabeth Lambert’s video that went viral in 2009 showed the New Mexico junior player kicking, tackling, pushing and hitting her BYU opponent. She was even seen dragging one player, Kassidy Shumway, onto the pitch by her ponytail.

The video which received more than two million views in just three days elucidated Elizabeth Lambert’s pugnacious play.

She just received a yellow card in the 76e minute, apparently for tripping a player. The number of cynical fouls she made in the game is simply abysmal, as her other actions were overlooked.

Elizabeth Lambert’s apology after violent incident didn’t help her win back fans’ respect

After this historic event turned into a national concern, Elizabeth didn’t take long to apologize to the world. She apologized, but all six million viewers saw what she did in that video.

In an interview with the New York Timesshe says, “I take full responsibility for my actions and accept any punishment deemed necessary. I am a woman and this made me feel more comfortable than if it had been done by a man. waits more for men to come out and be rough. We’re still being watched as, oh, we kick the ball and score a goal.

“But it’s not. We train very hard to reach the highest possible level. The physicality may have increased over the years. I’m not saying it’s for the bad or it’s been too aggressive. It’s a game. Sport is physical.

Additionally, she added, “I look at him and I’m like, ‘That’s not me.’ I have so many regrets. I can’t believe I did that. I think the way the video came out; it made me look like a freak. He’s not the kind of player that I am. I’m not just here to try to hurt the players. It takes away the beauty of the game. And I would never want to do that.

Has Elizabeth Lambert been punished?

As we all know, Elizabeth Lambert went crazy in the Mountain West Conference Semifinals by attacking innocent BYU players. According to various reports, she was banned and suspended from all team activities.

Elizabeth was eventually suspended for two games following her horrific behavior in the semi-final match. She was also not eligible to participate and return to the field until 2010. Lambert had been banned from all practices, matches and training sessions.

Where is Elizabeth Lambert in 2022?

It has been over 13 years now since the famous incident took place in 2009. She hid from the cameras as she received a ban following the incident. She has also been absent from social media, as the last post she posted on Facebook was on November 18.e2009.

His brutal act of playing and dragging a player to the ground by his ponytail just drew a yellow card from the referee. She was implicated as one of America’s most violent and unsportsmanlike women after the incident.

Elizabeth Lambert’s exact whereabouts in 2022 is unknown to anyone. No one knows where she went after this incident, and no one has any idea what she is currently doing or where she lives.

Who is Elizabeth Lambert’s husband?

Elizabeth Lambert has been hiding since this terrible incident. She still hasn’t been seen for a long time. As a result, little information has been made public or is known to the public about him.

There had been speculation that she was married, but no information about her husband or her marriage is known to us. Still, we have no news on whether or not she has children.

Unless and until Lambert makes himself publicly available, these details are unlikely to be released to the world. One could guess where Elizabeth Lambert is currently.