Soccer field

Watch a mom chase her toddler down a football pitch in the middle of an MLS game

Almost every sports fan likes to be able to treat themselves to a day or evening at a real game once in a while, in order to really soak up the experience of being in a stadium with other fans while the action takes place live. field. But, an Ohio mother recently had a big challenge while watching a Major League Soccer game with her young son, as she had to chase her toddler down the field in the middle of the game.

Parents everywhere will likely know the feeling of having their child suddenly drift away from them, and that’s exactly what happened last weekend to Moscow, Ohio resident Morgan Tucker. The mom took her 2-year-old son, Zaydek, to his first-ever football game on Saturday to watch FC Cincinnati take on Orlando City FC. According hello americathe game was about 70 minutes long when Zaydek took a break and ran his excited little self onto the pitch in the middle of a game.

Take a look at the frantic action Tucker took to get his son back by looking near the bottom left corner of this clip, which was posted on the official website MLS Twitter page:

Woooo, my boy. It’s terrifying ! Thank goodness everyone in the game was mostly on the other side of the pitch when Zaydek walked towards them, otherwise he could have gotten hurt. And, if you’re wondering if you saw it all correctly or not, yes, Morgan Tucker actually had to attack his little kid to grab him and knock the boy off the pitch before all the players made their way back to them. Great backup, mom! Congratulations on the A+ reaction time!

As Tucker told the outlet, she briefly looked away from him while they were in the stands (seated in club seats apart, thanks to her employer), then turned around to see his son getting ready to run, and said:

I literally looked away for a second and saw he was under the fence and was like, “Oh my God.” I had to jump over the door, then I sprinted after him. When I slipped and tackled him I felt no pain but the next day I was in pain for sure. I was so afraid that he would be hit in the head with a soccer ball. When I brought him back over the fence, I said, “What were you doing? and he said, “Mom, soccer ball.” He was really in the game and when the [players] would go to the other side of the pitch, he wasn’t happy, so he wanted them to be there with him… He was just laughing and had no idea what he was doing.

Tucker added that she did what most parents do at times like these, when they thought their child might be hurt, and that she acted on “pure adrenaline” when she ran for Zaydek. Although her face was “the face was as red as a tomato” during the incident, Tucker said she was cheered by the crowd as she walked back on the sidelines with her son, and the boy even received the ball after the game was over. .

Luckily, as you can see in the clip, Morgan Tucker got up and got his kid back before he got hurt or the game had to be stopped, and everything went well.