Soccer ball

Video shows skilled lady kicking soccer ball in heels, SA impressed

  • Super talented “soccer star” impressed SA with her tricks and fancy kicking skills aren’t the only highlight of the clip
  • The young woman performed incredible stunts wearing a frilly dress and high heels
  • Understandably, the sight of all of this left Mzansi in awe and many people headed to the comments section to respond.

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A video of a local woman doing super impressive tricks with a soccer ball is circulating on social media. While her athleticism has certainly left people in awe, it’s her ability to perform the cool tricks in a dress and high heels that really gets Mzansi talking.

This lady impressed Mzansi after performing soccer tricks while wearing high heels. Images: @ Boromo_M / Twitter
Source: Twitter

In line, Twitter user @Boromo_M shared the clip of the talented lady.

“Haibo, who is this lady? What talent lona yes,” he captioned enthusiastically.

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In the clip, the lady can be seen bouncing the ball off her feet several times. She even lands in a crouched position at one point and still catches the ball! Finally, she seals the deal by spinning the soccer ball on her finger. This lady has all the skills in the world.

Mzansi took to the comments section to share their enthusiastic reactions to the clip. Check out some of the comments below:

@Peronizer said:

“This one takes the cup.”

@MayorOfGwas said:

“I hope she gets paid ?? It’s entertainment.”

@TonyFats said:

“That pat on the shoulder is elite !!”

@ngwenya_thamie said:


@MacG_Original said:

“Woooh …”

Woman does #CrateChallenge in high heels, HER impressed: #BlackGirlMagic

In similar news, Brief News previously reported that an American woman had the internet in a frenzy after shutting down the #CrateChallenge for good. In addition, the beautiful lady did it all by wearing a pair of thin high heels.

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Online, @ kcjj_04 shared the jaw-dropping clip.

The #CrateChallenge has taken the internet by storm in recent weeks and some users have commented that they haven’t seen anyone complete the contest on social media yet.

To win, a person must successfully make their way through a series of platforms built entirely from empty crates. This is exactly what the beauty in high heels did!

South Africans made their way to the comments section, celebrating the beautiful black woman for showing the world exactly how it should be done. An enemy, however, suggested that the high heels may have given our stunner an added advantage.

Check out some of the interesting reactions to the post below:

@ oliviadion1228 said:

“I’ve only seen women win this lol.”

@b_timerrr said:

“She’s got the posture and center of balance for this one!”

@SoNinjaX said:

“She cheats because the heels stick in the holes and balance her.”

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“Sexy shit like I need help.”

@LastNameBlinks said:

“It was awesome. But I’m not kidding with that lol.”

@CatfishBirddog said:

“In heels it’s amazing. Excellent form, athleticism and flexed legs, keeping the COG low. That should be at the Olympics.”

@TwoMartinisPls said:

“I’m telling you, put black women in charge everywhere.”

@ Teddyjr919 said:

“Slowly but surely we are succeeding.”

@RealMikeyBob said:

“I don’t even understand the physics of this.”