Soccer field

Video of plane crashing into soccer field is fake

COMPLAINT: A video capture a single-engine plane crashes into a youth soccer game.

AP ASSESSMENT: False. The video has been digitally edited to add the plane crash. The edited clip was created using a visual effect that shows a plane in free fall, which can be downloaded for free and applied to videos. The original video, which does not include the plane crash, has appeared online since at least 2018.

THE FACTS: A popular video circulating on social media appears to show a dramatic scene in which a small yellow plane plunges into a football field in the middle of a match, slams into players and flips one over its wing.

The video, a version of which has over 1,700 shares and 4,000 likes on Twitter, is shared by many as a real event.

“Seems real to me,” one Twitter user commented. “That’s not wrong,” replied another, claiming to have seen an article about the accident.

Others sharing the edited clip made football jokes or pointed out that the footage had been manipulated.

The clip has been modified using a visual effect which can be downloaded and used online for free. The animation of a yellow airplane spiraling down, crashing and breaking into smoking pieces can be found on a stock market website who distributes graphics.

These special effects can then be inserted into any video or background. The sample video on the stock site also shows what it looks like when the graphic is overlaid on a background.

Video of the soccer match has appeared online since at least 2018, according to a version of the clip on YouTube. The video shows a youth soccer game in which two players collide, sending a player wearing a red shirt flying into the air before he hits the pitch first.

In a longer version of the clip, some spectators stand up and approach the field, calling on the referee to review the game by shouting “Come on, referee!” and “Get it out!”

The nearly 3-minute video does not show an aircraft entering the frame at any time.

There are other signs that the clip has been altered. At one point, a player’s body appears to slip through the right wing, making it look as if it’s passed through unscathed. At the same time, other athletes continue to play or do not react at all.


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