Soccer ball

Victury Ultimate Training is a soccer ball designed to be thrown indoors

No ball game in the house. It’s a rule parents strive to apply, and kids love to smash with the lamp, the picture frame, and that coffee mug that sat on the kitchen table. But unless you ban all balls from the garage, it’s not always easy to prevent young athletes from hitting, throwing or bouncing them around the house especially when they want to practice on a day off. rain. With the Victury Ultimate Indoor Training Ball ⏤ a regulation size five soft shell soccer ball designed to be kicked full force inside without breaking any windows ⏤ there’s no need to even try.

Created by a renowned Wisconsin soccer coach, the Victury ball is all about getting real practice touches in a confined indoor space. The two-piece, hand-sewn ball is made from a paper-light kite material and weighs less than one ⏤ ounce (17 grams) compared to 16 ounces for a traditional ball. So it almost feels like kicking a heavy paper ball or a beach ball, but it doesn’t behave that way. Thanks to a patented KrunchKor re-inflatable bladder that absorbs shock without losing its shape, the ball is “designed to move and feel like a real soccer ball, so juggling, kicking and killing shots can be done at full blast. speed inside “. In fact, it can withstand up to 100 pounds of pressure without bursting and can be absolutely smashed against the wall without damaging either it or the drywall.

The Victury ball is waterproof, deflates easily for travel, and comes with an online video training system that helps young players master 30 skills while learning the proper form and technique. The only thing it isn’t is yet available. It debuted at this year’s Toy Fair, but won’t hit stores until July. When it does, it will cost $ 20.
($ 20, available in July)