Soccer field

Valencia take advantage of Warriors’ inexperience on the football pitch

Warriors number 3 Ivan Estrada runs for the ball, closely followed by number 14 Javier Leon in Socorro’s game against Valencia.
Russell Huffman | Chief El Defensor

With half a dozen eighth-graders on the roster, the Socorro High School boys’ soccer team still has a lot of seasoning to do, and Valencia took advantage of the young Warriors roster on Sept. 6 in a win. 10-0.

“At the end of the day, we’re very young and we’ve traveled a lot,” coach Daniel Sanchez said. “It’s our first home game, and I think our legs are a bit tired today.”

While these are the understandable reasons for not performing at their peak, Sanchez also stressed that his team must learn to push themselves and continue at full strength, especially when playing from behind.

“If we can’t give 100 percent effort, we’re going to get beaten by a bigger school,” Sanchez said. “Our last game (a 3-1 loss to Rehoboth Christian) we had a good game. I thought we were going to come out and play today. But to be honest, I think we’re a bit tired from the road. We’ve been on the road a lot and then we’re going back up for three more games this weekend.

For many Sanchez players, it will only take time to mature, and time cannot be rushed.

“It’s a good experience if they can touch each other and play against college-quality teams. I am happy now; I’m not worried about wins or losses. I’m more worried about immaturity and growing up and learning to deal with it. We are happy to have been able to play today. And hopefully we will work on that (immaturity) and improve in the future, and hopefully we will improve,” Sanchez said.

Composition of Socorro Boys Soccer:

Cole Barkemeyer, Kyle Berger, Drizzten Chavis, Braden Mounyo, Zachary Hoke, David Krake, Sohib Noorstani, Isaiah Trujillo, Conner Johnston, Javier Leon, Ivan Estrada, Arturo Martinez-Diez, Andres Jaquez, Antonio Chavez, Rylan Hicks, Hector Leon, Ben Watkins, Aiden Masterson.