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Vacaville High Sydney football player Boele is The Reporter Athlete of the Week – The Vacaville Reporter

Asked about Vacaville High senior Sydney Boele’s most admirable quality with his work on the football field, Bulldogs head coach Jenn Eggley simply sums it up in one simple phrase – “Beast Mode”.

“She’ll turn to a whole new level of play and many times she’s been double or even triple,” Eggley said. “She’ll always find a way to get that ball at her feet to at least get a shot.”

Hearing his coach refer to this sentence, Boele laughed a lot. Boele only knows how to go 100% every moment she is on the football pitch

“In terms of strength, I’m a very physical player,” Boele said. “My coordination that I worked on for several years or with my speed, I’m able to dribble people in order to get the breakaways or play a ball or two with my teammates in order to break the defensive line.

The three-year-old college starter had a solid week finishing the Monticello Empire League regular season, scoring three goals and three assists to help the Bulldogs reach a 2-0 record this week and a league title with a 8-1 record. -1.

Going into her senior season, Boele had very high expectations of what she was able to deliver, as well as what she knew her teammates would deliver.

“A lot of girls, we played together for several years at the club,” Boele said. “A lot of us have been together for a long time, we know how each plays. Knowing that, we were all very confident in how we were going to do and we thought it would be a really good season.

Stepping into the senior role in the team, Boele demonstrates leadership skills on and off the pitch that Eggley admires. Although he is a fierce competitor, Boele is out of the game, he is someone who is much softer.

“She (Boele) is a very humble and kind leader,” Eggley said.

Boele, alongside her other senior classmates, understands what they bring in terms of experience and is happy to help her younger teammates with their development, especially with the girls who are at junior college level.

“The (younger girls) understand that’s how it would be taken, that’s how it works and when we have breaks we practice with each other,” Boele said. “So they can get a sense of what the university feels like and that’s how the university practices.”

Although satisfied with having a good week, what Boele was even happier about was relishing the MEL Championship title for the second season in a row.

“It was very nice, we all spent hours and time, in order to work to achieve the victories that we have,” said Boele. “So to hear that Rodriguez lost, that was great to hear.”

To end his weekend, Boele was selected as the league’s offensive MVP, scoring 16 goals and 12 assists. She is truly honored for this recognition and thanks the coaches past and present for her success.

“It was great because I went through the process here with our former coach Coach Drew and now with Jenn (Eggley) I felt very happy with everything I accomplished with them both. by my side,” Boele said. .

She is thrilled to keep pushing with her teammates as the Sac-Joaquin section playoffs approach. The Bulldogs take on Oakmont in the first round.

“We would like to win sections if possible,” Boele said.

Although she will be crossing the scene in a few months, Boele is grateful for all her time spent in Bulldog football and looks forward to extending her athletic career by attending Chico State. Eggley is thrilled to see her continue to perform.

“Our mantra is, ‘Once a bulldog, always a bulldog,'” Eggley said. “I guess I’ll let her become a Wildcat, I guess I’ll have to go catch a few games. I am very excited for her.