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Using dormitories to justify turf on football pitch JCC is using one bad investment to justify another | News, Sports, Jobs

The construction of dormitories at Jamestown Community College is a bad reason to spend $4 million on new grass on the college’s football field.

It’s a struggle to justify college expenses. It’s even harder to justify the million dollars the college is asking Chautauqua County taxpayers to bear. We understand the effort of having a football complex that rivals similarly sized SUNY schools. The domain of JCC is far from being at the cutting edge of technology.

But in our view, taxpayers should not pay for any part of the project. The school cannot even reopen its recreation center which is supposed to be an affordable exercise center for the community. If the college fitness center is not open due to expense, then how can the college logically proceed with new turf for the soccer field?

Daniel DeMarte, president of the JCC, said the new soccer field will help the college recruit international students. But international students playing soccer are barely worth a $4 million investment. Unlike some sports investments, there is little recycling of dollars from CCG football games – teams travel to and from games by bus and perhaps eat at a restaurant before returning to their respective campuses.

“Here’s the deal from the college’s perspective,” he said. “We’re not going to fill the halls of residence if we don’t have athletics. There is no easy way to do this.

Trying to justify a bad investment with another sketchy investment is a bad plan.

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