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Ukrainian footballer breaks down in tears during a press conference as he pleads for an end to Russia’s invasion of his country

  • Oleksandr Zinchenko could not contain his emotions at a press conference on Tuesday.
  • “Every Ukrainian wants only one thing: to stop this war”, says the tearful Ukraine says international.

The Ukrainian international soccer Player Oleksandr Zinchenko broke down in tears at a press conference on Tuesday as he pleaded for Russiathe invasion of his country to stop.

“Every Ukrainian wants only one thing – to stop this war,” said Manchester City’s Zinchenko, speaking to reporters on the eve of Ukraine’s crucial event. world Cup play-off against Scotland.

“I’ve talked to people from different countries, all over the world, and I’ve talked to Ukrainian kids who just don’t understand what’s going on in Ukraine,” he said. “They only want the war to stop. They have only one dream: to stop the war.”

Ukraine’s game against Scotland on Wednesday is the country’s first since Russia began its invasion at the end of February.

A victory for Oleksandr Petrakov’s side would set up a meeting with Wales for a World Cup place in Qatar.

Zinchenko, 25, said he and his team would fight to bring the “incredible emotions” of World Cup qualification to the people of their country.

“As far as football, the team, we have our own dream. We want to go to the World Cup, we want to give these incredible emotions to the Ukrainians because they deserve it so much right now,” he said. he declared.

“I’m sure all of Ukraine will be watching us. We will feel the support. We can talk a lot, but we have to prove everything on the pitch,” he continued. “We will try to make our people happy and proud.”