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Trevor Lawrence was kicked off the football field as a child for scoring too many goals

Trevor Lawrence is days away from hearing his name called by the Jacksonville Jaguars as the No.1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. It’s been a long time to come for Lawrence, who is considered the best prospect in the game. class 2021 since his first season at Clemson.

But according to Lawrence’s mother, he also had a bright future on the pitch growing up in Cartersville, Ga. As a child Lawrence was such a dominant football player that coaches had to kick him off the pitch for scoring too many goals. goals.

It was then that Lawrence’s mother knew he was destined for greatness.

Trevor Lawrence was born to be a No.1 NFL Draft Pick

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence throws a soccer ball in preparation for NFL Draft at Top QB Jordan Palmer | Aubrey Lao / Getty Images

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It normally takes years for aspiring footballers to establish themselves as the top prospects in the NFL Draft. This was not the case for Lawrence. The generational quarterback prospect was considered a future NFL star from the moment he stepped onto the football field in high school.

As a four-year starter for Cartersville High School in Cartersville, Ga., Lawrence pitched for 13,902 yards and 161 touchdowns, breaking the two Georgia High School records previously held by Deshaun Watson in the process.

The 6-foot-6, 208-pound QB has been dubbed a five-star rookie and one of the top prospects in high school football history. He brought his talents to Clemson and led the Tigers to a 15-0 record and a National Championship in 2019 as a rookie.

In a few days, Lawrence will become the No.1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Lawrence was kicked off the football field as a child for scoring too many goals

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Football has always been Lawrence’s best sport, but the superstar athlete was dominant in every sport he tried his hand at growing up. During his brief football career as a child, Lawrence was so dominant that coaches had to take him off the pitch so other players could even have a chance to score.

Lawrence’s mother Amanda recently shared the story of her football prowess on the Move the Sticks podcast.

“When he was 5 he was part of the football team because he was not yet able to play football. He was not old enough. He was not of the required age, ”Lawrence’s mother said. “So he would just get the ball and score. Finally, the coach of the other team said to me: ‘listen, you have to take him out because he just scores all the goals’. It was on a recreational team, a religious league team, so they didn’t really score that many points anyway. But every time the ball was kicked, Trevor would go get it and score. And they say, ‘OK, you have to take it out.’ “

Lawrence ready to score in the NFL

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Lawrence may have been forced off the football field as a child, but in the NFL there is no rule of mercy. He’s got every chance to dominate from day one with the Jaguars, and you can bet he’ll score at will in Jacksonville.

“Football is where my heart goes. This is what I love to do. It’s what I’ve loved since I was 6, ”Lawrence said during an ESPN appearance. First take last Friday. “It’s been my dream forever and I really believe that no one works more than me. So I think you can have both. I think people want to be one or the other. But I think for me, it’s been one of the healthiest things to realize that it’s not the only thing in the world, you know? It’s more than that. But also, football has been the highest priority in my life, even for as long as I can remember.

But hey, if the football doesn’t work for Lawrence, he’ll always have the football to fall back on, right?