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Top soccer player kicks RPI FB to win in capital region clash

In the battle for the Dutchman Shoes Trophy, it was a player who had just changed shoes who secured the victory for the RPI Engineers.

Trevor Bisson is Liberty League Defensive Player of the Year

A five-year member of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s men’s soccer program, Bisson has become one of Division III’s top soccer defenders. Bisson was recognized as the Liberty League’s Defensive Player of the Year for his efforts in 2021, anchoring a defense that allowed just 0.83 goals against per game.

Perry Laskaris / RPI Athletic Communications

Bisson has played 1,617 minutes this season, more than anyone in the Engineers. The engineers themselves, however, were not chosen for a blanket bid for the 2021 NCAA football tournament.

With that knowledge in mind, Bisson shifted his focus from the pitch to the grill.

Bisson replaced for injured RPI kicker

As The Record asserts in their article on Bisson’s exploit, he had been a place kicker in high school football, but had not kicked in organized football since that time. Since Bisson is a fifth year senior, that’s at least five years ago.

Knowing that his RPI football career was over, Bisson changed direction, in large part thanks to an injury to the team’s normal spot kicker, Conor MacDougall.

Perry Laskaris / RPI Athletic Communications

The match in question, against the Dutch Capital Region Union, went very closely. After a failed two-point conversion, RPI was behind 17-16, with second place remaining in the fourth quarter.

Miraculously, RPI was able to recover a back kick and the rope goes together to move the ball forward. As time passed, a 36-yard kick awaited Trevor Bisson.

With online play …

* Announcer voice * Now let’s look at the celebration from another perspective …

On the ground of their rival of crosstown, in the final of the regular season of the Liberty League, the Engineers take the victory, thanks to a bomb on the leg of their first kicker, Trevor Bisson.

Perry Laskaris / RPI Athletic Communications

Now all we can do is wait and hope that the Engineers can get a global bid for the tournament, so Bisson can have the chance to start all over again.

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