Soccer ball

Top 10 Marvel Themed Soccer Ball Designs

When I was researching for Marvel Week content, one of the things I kept running into were Marvel themed soccer balls. I was surprised to find that there were a lot of them and also most of them were just pretty standard and lazy product designs that happen with kids toys where they just apply the same design on a bunch of products.

There were some interesting designs in my research, however. I can’t attest to how good most of these balls are since I own none, but here is a ranking of ball designs based directly on Avengers characters or I attributed to Avengers characters.

Infinity stone

Petco offers Infinity Stone pet balls. I don’t have a dog, but it looks like it would still be fun to have to walk around the house.


This Avengers bullet has a retro feel and it’s a nice touch, but the design is also a bit loaded and restrained by sticking too much to the Telstar design.


I didn’t care about any of the Hulk models I could find, but this green Under Armor bullet could easily pass as a Hulk bullet with a few modifications.

Select Thor

I don’t care what Thor-themed bullet designs I could find, but this bullet from Select is called Thor and the Select bullets are pretty wonderful, so there you go.

Spider-Man eyes

The close up of Spider-Man’s eyes is what makes this bullet. The simplistic design of the mask wrapped around the ball is so much better than some of the balls with the Spider-Man logo on it.

Black widow bowling ball

This is a bowling ball design so it doesn’t officially count but this Black Widow design on a pink soccer ball has to be done.

Bolster Spider Man

Miter takes a more subtle take on Spider-Man with this design which is one of three Avengers balls available.

Miter Iron Man

Without the Marvel logo, you may not immediately recognize it as a Iron Man bullet, but that’s part of why I love it.

Adidas Champions League ball

This 2019 Champions League ball is not officially a Marvel themed balloon, but the red, white and blue star design can easily pass as a Captain America ball and is way cooler than any of the official Captain America balloons that I could find.

Black Panther Miter

This Black Panther ball is a perfect mix of movie / cartoon images and a real soccer ball. Rather than just slapping an image on a blank bullet, this is the type of bullet I would pick off a shelf without realizing it was a movie tie-in.