Soccer field

Toddler runs across soccer field during game, forcing mum to ‘slip tackle’ him: video

A mom from Moscow, Ohio recently got a lot more involved in a Major League Soccer game than she thought.

The woman was casually watching the game between FC Cincinnati and Orlando City FC on Saturday night when her two-year-old son unexpectedly ran onto the field, forcing her to chase after him.

Good Morning America reports that Morgan Tucker only “turned his head for a second” – a phrase so familiar to most parents – when his son, Zaydek, decided to slip under a fence and rush towards the players in the middle of their game. .

In what could only be called a knee-jerk reaction, Tucker then sprinted after Zaydek, catching the little boy at record speed. Video that captured the unplanned play shows Tucker accidentally slipping and falling after grabbing his son before getting up and disappearing on the sidelines again.

“When I slipped and tackled him I didn’t feel any pain but the next day I was in pain for sure,” Tucker told GMA. “I was so scared that he would be hit in the head with a soccer ball.”

Luckily, the Major League Soccer organization was good sport about the incident, posting the staple of Tucker and his son on their Twitter page. Fans were quick to make their own snarky comment, with some joking that Tucker’s “sliding tackle” on his son should have earned him a red flag.

“I’m a fan of this kid from now on,” one tweet read. “He has to learn to avoid tackles, though.”