Soccer ball

This soccer ball will reach millions of children

A soccer ball that does not deflate.

November 19, 2012 — — A soccer ball that does not deflate. For some this may seem like an obvious concept, but for many children in the developing world it is a dream come true.

In some of the world’s poorest countries, children are finding inventive ways to play soccer without a real soccer ball. All over the world they are fashioning balls out of plastic bags, cloth, trash, sticks and whatever else they can find to play the “beautiful game”, as many call it.

Co-founder of One World Futbol, ​​Tim Jahnigen was inspired to find a lasting solution for children in war zones and refugee camps who found solace in playing football. Jahnigen found that, given the often rocky terrain, most inexpensive soccer balls the children used deflated quickly. So he developed a “virtually indestructible” balloon that never needs an air pump and never flattens, even if punctured. The ball – or the One World Futbol – is made of a foam like that found in Croc shoes, and still has a similar bounce and weight to most leather stitched footballs. The discovery, he says, changed his life.

It can also change the lives of millions of others. With the help of singer and songwriter Sting, Jahnigen has already made around 33,000 balls and distributed them to organizations in over 140 countries. Over the next three years, Chevrolet has pledged to send an additional 1.5 million footballs to children around the world. Plus, for every ball purchased online for $40, another is donated to a children’s organization.

Jahingen hopes to distribute millions more of these durable footballs.

“With the sheer power of a durable ball,” he wrote in a column for the Huffington Post, “we can all help keep the game going for kids around the world.”