Soccer game

The storm hit the grounds of the EAA, Lambeau soccer match on Saturday evening

OSHKOSH (NBC 26) — Thousands of customers are without power Saturday night, according to the fault map at WPS.

Kevin Neubauer

Damage after the storm in Oshkosh. July 23, 2022

Additionally, the powerful storm that rolled through northeast Wisconsin impacted major events in the region, namely the EAA grounds in Oshkosh and the football game at Lambeau Field.

Announcement at the Lambeau field

Lambeau Field’s first-ever football game was delayed twice due to the storm. The game was finally able to resume. Attendance for the football game was 78,128, which is officially considered a sold-out sale.

Leaving the bowl during the storm in Lambeau

Storm damage was also reported at Wittman Regional Airport, the site of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. A large number of people are currently on the grounds of the EAA in preparation for the annual AirVenture event, which officially begins on Monday.

According to the EAA, no one was injured. Several people took refuge at the EAA Aviation Museum during the storm.

EAA says they have reports of trees and branches at drive-in campgrounds. Falling branches caused damage to property and vehicles.

According to the EAA, some damaged planes in Boeing Plaza have been reported, but other planes parked on the ground appear to have weathered the storm well, which is a credit to plane owners who secured their planes. after they arrived here. A plane belonging to the EAA was flipped on its nose near the EAA museum while it was securely tied down.

The EAA also says that the main gate to AirVenture’s land was damaged by the wind. Several small exhibition tents were knocked down. Many trash cans and unsecured items were also knocked over.

The EAA will send trucks Sunday morning to help clear up areas of standing water left after the storm.