Soccer ball

The smart soccer ball works with the app to improve playing skills

Are you trying to improve your soccer skills, but find the process difficult? A new smart soccer ball aims to help with that, by integrating smart technology into a ball which, when used with a companion mobile app, gathers and delivers data showing skill details. The company behind the soccer ball is also considering third-party training apps that will work with its model.

The Inside Coach soccer ball is blue with gold trim and, best of all, equipped with motion sensing hardware to collect data on the movement of the ball. Trajectory, spin and force data are all collected, along with game details like the number of times the ball is passed or touched. This data is synchronized with the Inside Coach mobile application.

The device manufacturer is developing challenges and skill levels for mobile apps (Android and iOS) that will help a player grow over time. The company also wants developers to get on board and create their own apps that work with the soccer ball. Connectivity is provided via WiFi and charging is done wirelessly.

The creator of the Inside Couch product is seeking $25,000 in funding on Kickstarter, where it has so far raised around $16,000 with 52 days remaining. The product will retail for US$185, assuming it hits the market, and is currently being offered through the crowdfunding campaign for US$99.

SOURCE: Kickstarter