Soccer ball

The smart DribbleUp soccer ball

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MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Meet Chrissy Song. This mother of four played football for Ole Miss and a few semi-professional teams. Now she spends her days coaching the next generation of soccer players.

Song is the perfect soccer expert to test DribbleUp smart soccer ball. It claims to be a high tech way to practice your soccer skills anywhere, anytime. It comes with the ball and a holder that holds your smart phone.

“It’s sturdy and not easily movable, so that’s probably good. “

The instructions had four steps to follow and were fairly straightforward.

One: download the app to your smartphone. Song grabbed her phone and downloaded the free app. Once she created an account, it loaded all the workouts. From daily practice to ball control, shooting and juggling, there was a lot to choose from and at all levels.

She pressed the start button for the basic warm-up. You need to give the app access to your camera. Then it asks you to put your device on the stand and step back three feet so you can line up the ball in the blue tracker to sync. Once the ball is synchronized, it allows you to move on to your training.

Time to tap your toes and tick tock. Two cones appear on the screen and you have to keep the ball between the two cones. They turn green if you do it right and turn red if you don’t. After two turns, he notes you.

Best of all, you can do it all right in your living room.

After Song tried it on, it was time to bring two of her four little ones – Grace and Tommy – to try it out. Tommy went first with his own toe-slapping session.

“Good mate! “

It’s Grace’s turn!

“Good job. Good job!”

After each try, Song gave us some final thoughts.

“A good way to integrate your skills at home, indoors or in a small space. “

Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball, you have passed the Does it work test.