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The shortage of referees cancels a soccer match in the Grand Est | St. Louis News Headlines

MASCOUTAH, Ill. ( — Recently, Mascoutah High School has felt the impact of the continued shortage of referees in high school sports. The boys’ soccer game against Waterloo High School had to be canceled because there were not enough referees.

“This year is the first time I’ve canceled a game due to a lack of officials. We’ve had to cancel them before because the officials misplanned or didn’t show up,” Scott said. Fight. He is the athletic director of Mascoutah High School.

Illinois and Missouri are facing a shortage of officials for high school games. According to Matt Troha of the Illinois High School Association, the pandemic is partly responsible.

“Some officials have decided to take time off or retire for health reasons,” he said.

One of the adjustments to ensure matches can still be played is that some matches may see fewer officials.

Pat Burns refereed high school and college basketball games for 26 years. He is now with PSB Officiating Services which programs referees for five sports at 65 schools in the St. Louis area.

“There are certain sports in certain situations where we either have to change game times or cancel games,” he said.

Battas said officiating is not as popular as it once was, and today’s young athletes are less likely to decide to become a match referee after their playing days are over. Burns said this could be due to the negative perception created by the video of fans misbehaving.

Both states have worked hard to recruit new officials. Jason West of the Missouri State High School Activities Association told News 4 that he thinks those efforts will start paying off soon.

“We have had moderate success recruiting new officials and these new officials are preparing for college-level competitions. With the combination of these new officials and veteran officials starting over, we believe there is help along the way,” he said.

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