Soccer field

The Houston Sports Bar has its own football field and its own swivel chairs

Even if you aren’t the biggest sports fan, any Houstonian can get mad at the many teams in town. Even if you don’t like all things athletic, (we fully understand) there is a really fun sports bar that loves football in Houston and this is the place to go, that you know all the stats of your team or you don’t even know what sport the Texans play.

Pitch 25 Beer Park is a new downtown Houston sports bar with a soccer field inside. Considering the bar’s co-founder is Dynamo star Brian Ching, it makes sense that this place has a football pitch and bleeds H-town sporting pride.

They have a ton of sports related activities like the cornhole, foosball tables, and of course, soccer.

If you don’t really feel the physical activity, there are also a bunch of swings you can sit on to enjoy your beer. This place is pretty much a huge playground with booze!

There are plenty of drinks to choose from as they have over a hundred beers on tap including many local beers.

If you’re in the mood for kicking the ball, there’s an extensive menu that includes different types of loaded fries, including sweet potatoes with kimchi on top, which sound amazing.

Obviously, this wild sports bar is a great place to watch the Houston teams play, but they also host tons of really cool events like a yoga brunch washed down with mimosas!

Combining alcohol and park activities to create cool adult places is popular and in Houston you can visit this amazing watered adult playground.

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Pitch 25 Beer Park

Price: 💸💸

Address: 2120 Walker St. Houston, Texas

Why you have to go: Because you can drink beer, swing on porch swings, and play games all in one place!