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The best soccer ball of 2022

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A soccer ball for your training

It’s easy to get stuck in choosing the right ball when there’s an abundance of choice. With that in mind, we’ve researched and reviewed some of the best soccer balls of 2022 for you. We’ve also curated a detailed buying guide to help you know exactly what to look for.

Top picks

Best Overall: Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

A very durable football

A very durable football

The Wilson Traditional Football is made with a heavy-duty composite material that ensures the ball’s longevity to retain the same bounce as when new.

The synthetic leather cover adds to the durability of the ball and gives a nice shine and softness to the surface. As for construction, the butyl rubber bladder provides exceptional shape and air retention unlike other traditional rubber balls. Additionally, the 32 expertly stitched panels ensure that there are no leaks or tears in the product even after years of rigorous use.

Plus, this item comes in a deflated form that gives you the freedom to inflate it based on the child’s age and skill level. It is available in three sizes: 3, 4 and 5. You can also let your pets play with it, because no claws or teeth can damage it.

Toughest: Adidas Starlancer V Club Soccer Ball

A 100% thermoplastic polyurethane soccer ball

A 100% thermoplastic polyurethane soccer ball

Another option is this Adidas soccer ball made from 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane ensuring durability and reliable play.

The butyl bladder used in the soccer ball allows it to stay well inflated for a long time. Machine-stitched panels also add durability by preventing leaks or tears in the ball. Although available in three sizes, the size 5 ball is recommended for ages 12 and up.

In addition, the product arrives deflated, allowing you to inflate as much air as necessary for the child to play comfortably. The surface has brush stroke style graphics and is coated with long lasting vinyl to protect it from moisture, dirt and rough use. Butyl rubber also makes the pumping process faster and smoother.

Best Color Options: Champion Sports Viper Football

A football made with high quality materials

A football made with high quality materials

Available in three different colors, this Champion soccer ball makes a great gift for kids aged 12 and up.

Blue, black, and white stars give the ball a fun look, and it’s built with high-quality materials designed to last and withstand tough gameplay. The four-ply soft polyurethane leather cover on the outermost layer of this soccer ball gives it a little extra softness. The ball retains its shape and air thanks to an exceptional air-blocking butyl bladder.

In addition, this soccer ball can be used for indoor and outdoor play. The material, stitching and quality ensure that the player’s footwork is precise and stable. It is coated with a layer of plastic that protects it from tears and scratches and keeps it looking great even after years of use. It is available in three sizes: 3, 4 and 5.

Best Build: Western Star Soccer Ball

A butyl bladder soccer ball

A butyl bladder soccer ball

This option is made difficult and ready for endless kicks. This Western Star soccer ball can handle the most violent kicking, passing, dribbling and handling without any tearing or deflation.

It is made with a butyl bladder to ensure the ball has a great hold and retains its shape. Plus, its expert craftsmanship ensures that the 32 well-stitched panels and thick four-ply construction will make it even more durable. This soccer ball is also heat infused which adds to its durability and improves its bounce. Above all, it is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

You can choose from five color choices with a helix design. There are also two sizes: 25-26″ (size 4) for kickers 8-12 years old and 27-28″ (size 5) for kids over 12 years old. You can inflate the soccer ball according to the age and likeness of the player.

Best Quality: Franklin Sports Football

A softcover soccer ball

A softcover soccer ball

The final product is a Franklin Sports youth and adult soccer ball available in three different sizes. This bullet is specially designed for shooting practice.

It features a soft cover with a foam padding system underneath. This system not only makes the football soft, but also provides an excellent responsive feel. The weatherproof PVC outer cover protects the ball from damage caused by moisture or dirt. The glossy surface gives the ball an elegant and classy look that it retains even after hundreds of games. Precise stitching ensures no tears, air leaks or unreliable performance with this soccer ball.

This soccer ball arrives fully inflated and ready for its first game. The high quality butyl bladder construction ensures that the ball retains air and its shape for a very long time. All in all, this is a great gift for anyone aged six and up.

Buyer’s guide to finding a soccer ball

Here’s a complete buying guide on everything you need to know before buying a soccer ball for your child or grandchild.

Choosing the right soccer ball for your child

You will need to keep the following considerations in mind:


Rubber, synthetic leather, PVC and polyurethane are common materials used in the construction of soccer balls for children and adults. We recommend choosing a ball with a synthetic leather outer layer. The inner lining should be cotton or polyester to give the ball a soft yet durable surface for the perfect kick. The inner bladder should preferably be of butyl rubber.

Correct size

Soccer balls come in sizes ranging from one to five and should be chosen according to the age of your child or grandchild for the best experience. Getting the right size also helps prevent leg and ankle injuries.

Practice versus game

Another important consideration is the type of game intended. Practice balls are cheaper and more durable than professional balls, so they are designed to last a long time but are not ideal for playing matches or games. Match footballs are more expensive and less durable than practice balls.

Best material for soccer ball bladders

The bladder is the part of a soccer ball responsible for holding the air inside. They are usually made from latex or butyl.

Latex bladders are soft and more comfortable to play. They offer better control but are more porous than butyl bladders. This causes them to hold air for a shorter period.

Butyl bladders are stiffer than latex but do not require frequent re-inflation. They are less porous and excellent at retaining air and ball shape.

Tips for maintaining a soccer ball

Here are some tips and tricks you can pass on to your child to extend the life of their soccer ball.

  • Make sure the balloon is properly and fully inflated each time you use it

  • Keep the soccer ball clean and moisture-free

  • Out of season, store the ball in a dry, cool and slightly deflated place

  • Make sure to never store a wet ball as this can lead to damage and affect its overall performance

  • Never stand or sit on the ball to avoid material warping

Soccer ball size guide

Soccer balls come in different sizes, each designed for a different group of people. The appropriate size depends on the age, height and skill level of your child or grandchild. Here’s a quick breakdown of the five soccer ball sizes:

  • Size 1 is the smallest soccer ball size. This size is ideal for young children three years of age or younger. The quality of the ball isn’t as important if you’re buying for such a young child, as they’ll likely pop out quickly.

  • Size 2 soccer balls are designed for children three to five years old. If availability is limited, a size 3 would also work for this age group.

  • Size 3 is suitable for ages 5-8. These balls weigh approximately 100 grams less than size 5 balls.

  • Size 4 soccer balls weigh approximately 50 grams less than professional soccer balls. This size is perfect for ages 5-8.

  • Size 5 is the standard professional size ball. Most teenage and adult players regularly start a size 5 ball, so if you’re buying for a child over 12, that size would be best.


Children’s soccer balls should be chosen carefully. It’s essential to get the right size, check the quality of durability and performance, and make sure it’s safe for your child to play comfortably with. We hope these reviews of the best soccer balls of 2022, along with the detailed buying guide, will help you choose the perfect ball for your child or grandchild.

People have also asked

Some frequently asked questions from people buying soccer balls are:

Q: What material should I look for when buying a soccer ball?

A: Synthetic leather soccer balls provide professional level play with improved control. Polyurethane soccer balls also give excellent results.

Q: Can you store a wet soccer ball overnight? Would it cause damage?

A: Although the construction materials of a soccer ball can withstand exposure to moisture for a short period of time, storing a damp soccer ball is strongly discouraged. Water can affect the ball’s weight distribution and overall aerodynamics.

Q: What size soccer ball should I buy for my 4 year old?

A: At age 4, a child can use a size 2 or 3 soccer ball.