Soccer player

“Thanks to technology, we discovered footballer Harvey Elliot’s abilities before anyone else

“We have combined data and purpose to use our technological power to create equal opportunities for all football players around the world,” said Guy Aharon, co-founder and CEO of Playermaker during the Calcalist’s Cloud and Data conference. . “We attach sensors to players’ shoes and the back of a player’s left leg, and track athletes’ movement: we count how many times their foot has touched the ball, how many times they kicked, how fast they run and how high they jump,” Aharon explained.The company used this information to identify the abilities of Liverpool football player Harvey Elliot.

The sensors developed by Playermaker record the information and, at the end of the game, upload it all to the cloud. Much of the analysis is done by the sensor and the data uploaded to the cloud has already been largely processed. It is then that he is compared to that of the other players on the field. “We allow players to understand their abilities compared to previous games and also compared to other players on the field, and other benchmarks,” Aharon explained. “If I’m a 28-year-old player and I want to compare myself to the best players in the world, big data allows me to compare my abilities to theirs.”