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Ten players receive red cards during a football match in Argentina

A soccer match in Argentina on Sunday resulted in ten players receiving red cards. [Image:]

A lot of red cards

Football paraphernalia bettors were in for a treat as a game in Argentina ended in the sending off of ten players. The last match of the Champions Trophy on Sunday between Boca Juniors and Racing was 1-1 after regulation time. Both teams were reduced to ten men following a fight between two players over a handball protest in the penalty area.

goal celebrations resulted in a flurry of red cards

A header in the final minutes of extra time from Carlos Alcaraz put Racing in front. The ensuing celebrations for the goal resulted in a flurry of red cards. Boca players grabbed the striker, pushed him and threw a ball at the 19-year-old.

In the resulting melee, referee Facundo Tello issued red cards to six Boca players and two Racing players, including Alcaraz. It is unclear whether the Argentine football authorities will take any further action against Boca for the lack of discipline of the team’s players.

The responsible referee

Referee Facundo Tello is on the roster for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar and has a reputation as a good referee. Some people wondered if he was a bit fluid in distribute the ten red cards.

Although there is no limit to the number of red cards a referee can issue, FIFA rules state that a match must be stopped if a team has fewer than seven players on the pitch.

Tello was the middle man for 118 games in the Argentine Primera Division. During those encounters, he issued 612 yellow cards and 45 red cards. In a match in September, he showed three red cards when Racing faced Club Atlético Platense.

Popular prop betting markets

Nowadays, most major sportsbooks offer prop betting markets on the cards in football matches. Some of these markets include bets on certain players receiving a yellow and/or red card during the match. There are often also over/under betting markets for the total number of cards a given team will receive in the match.

accused of engaging in match-fixing by intentionally getting a yellow card

These types of betting markets have caused controversy in the past. Some players have been accused of engaging in match-fixing by intentionally getting a yellow card. The UK’s National Crime Association (NCA) investigated a suspicious yellow card received by Arsenal FC player Granit Xhaka in a Premier League game. The The NCA was investigating suspicious bets involving cryptocurrency and the Albanian mafia.