Soccer field

Stuck hedgehog rescued from goal hole on UK football pitch

The RSPCA has come to the rescue of a hedgehog found stuck in a goal post hole on a football pitch in Newcastle, England. Photo courtesy of the RSPCA

May 16 (UPI) — Animal rescuers have come to the aid of a stuck hedgehog found stuck in a goal post hole on a soccer field.

The RSPCA said some teenagers playing on the grounds of the Scotswood Social Club in Newcastle, England, lifted the plastic cap over a hole used for the goal posts and discovered a hedgehog was indeed stuck.

RSPCA inspector Jacqui Miller responded to the scene and used a thin rod normally used to close cat cages to free the hedgehog.

“I had to improvise because I couldn’t put my fingers in with gloves on because it was so tight,” Miller said in a press release. “The only thing I found I could squeeze there was the cat carrier pole, which was quite thin. It has a loop at its end, which went snugly under the hedgehog’s body, so I could gradually push it upwards.”

The hedgehog was taken to Sunderland-based animal charity Pawz for Thought, where the animal was nicknamed Shearer.

Shearer was examined by a veterinarian and given food and water.

The charity said Shearer would be returned to the wild once he was back to full strength.