Soccer player

Stephen Curry compares it to a “football player”

Golden State Warriors goalie Gary Payton II made a pretty unique point when praising Stephen Curry.

Now playing his 13th season in the league, Warriors superstar Stephen Curry hasn’t aged a bit in terms of his style of play. His constant and rapid movement with and without the ball is still part of his attacking arsenal, and he doesn’t. It didn’t take long for his teammate Gary Payton II to notice him.

According to Payton, Curry’s “ridiculous” style of play is similar to that of a “soccer player”.

“He just keeps moving,” Payton said of Curry via NBC Sports. “I kind of think of him as a football player who just goes through the 48 minutes and runs around the field and just goes. He doesn’t stop moving. It creates so much attention and it uses up the guys and the defenses. It’s ridiculous.”

“His conditioning and the way he takes care of his body is ridiculous,” he concluded.

As it stands, Curry continues where he left off and is now the NBA’s third-highest scorer with 27.5 points per outing. In addition to this, it is also on the verge of breaking Ray Allen’s all-time record in 3 seconds made.

However, Payton revealed that none of this seemed to matter to the Warriors’ talisman, as his only mind was to win.

“It’s just Steph,” said Payton. “He cares more about winning than personal stats. I know he doesn’t think about it, he’ll just try to make the right play for his team and everything falls into place.

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