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Mariah Carey joins the ‘Do Hard Things’ movement at Cedar Point

Would I like to start America’s largest daily column, as readers have named it, with something about football or something about how I dominated the Par 5s yesterday along the shores of Lake Erie ? Sure. But that would be doing a disservice to readers who visit this section religiously because you never know which way things will go.

This morning I wake up, fire up Facebook to see what the latest outrage is, and out of left field is a post about how Mariah Carey took her kids to Cedar Point this weekend — terrible weather, by the way. passing – to tackle America’s Roller Coast.

Hey, nice story to start the day. A star performs a fun mommy gesture and takes the kids on an American treasure romp. Mariah is happy. The children are happy. Mariah and the Kids Doing Normal American Things End Up as No. 8 in Google Trend Entertainment This Morning.


And then I read the fine print.

Mariah Carey tackled Cedar Point in heels. Ho-leee-shit!

Now it’s not like the people running ultra-marathons in Death Valley or the soldiers chasing terrorists through the mountains, but on the ‘Do Hard Things’ list for list elitists. A, this must be recognized for its level of madness.

Those who have visited the shores of Lake Erie know that the concrete of America’s Roller Coast jungle hits doggies differently. I don’t care if Mariah had the A-list Fast Lane Plus pass and the security to clear the way as her crew moved from A to Z as fast as they could, there’s no escaping the concrete, the stairs, to concrete ramps.

And she stayed until dark, which at this time of year is 8 p.m. on Labor Day weekend.

This is heroic level stuff and we salute you, Mariah. Just thinking about walking there in my $30 Costco Adidas AirFoam® Dad BBQ Shoes makes my feet hurt.

She gets an ESPY Morning Screencaps.

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• I like my chances this season.

This grass almost looks fake

• Paul T. writes:

Good evening Joe, at halftime of the Clemson game and wanted to say thank you to the entire TNML crew!…Loved the Fed Ex truck a few weeks ago while driving through a flood and someone said ” he mows on Thursday”… I am a veteran of our mowing league and never thought I would have to ask for a commissioner’s decision.

Two weeks ago in Central Texas we finally got some rain after almost 3 months… I keep my patio on the highest setting and even in the drought I have kept a respectable yard. Grateful for any rain and 2 weeks ago it rained on Thursday and Friday and I had to mow on Saturday…see the photo what the yard looked like after 9 days of about 8 inches of soft grass.

Fast forward to this week, I let my wife know I was out of sync with our TNML and needed to mow today (let her know yesterday to plan dinner accordingly)…a little background Amy is one of the best and I’ve known her for 42 years (married almost 10) and know I’m mowing Thursday… showed her photo of a league member enjoying cocktails on the porch when Friday night his neighbor was mowing.

Well, tonight when my wife asked me if I was going to mow. She said what the commissioner would think (she already mentioned you) and I said there were unforeseen circumstances and you would understand…she gave me a “side eye”…almost calling my bluff… I will respect your decision…only proof I have is that here is my yard after days…my left foot is almost invisible…watch out!

Commissioner’s decision: I will allow it.

Analysis: Here is the deal, the playing surface must be mowed. Paul handled this perfectly but just glancing at this lawn tells me it will need a simple close mow this Thursday evening to freshen up the lines and get things looking neat before the weekend .

This Thursday, the skimow should allow Paul to stick to his schedule and lead to an even better life with Mrs.

Enjoy this grass, you lovebirds.

Something to analyze today at work trying to pick up the pace

• Mike T. in Eagle, Idaho sent this:

Stop in Nantucket Harbor for Labor Day weekend

• John L. writes:

The saying here is you have millionaires cutting the grass of billionaires…

But seriously, all the Democrats are on Marsh’s Vineyard, and with the kids going back to school, there’s plenty of parking at Stop N Shop.

Back to the grind

• Scott Y. is back, but he didn’t have a good night watching Georgia Tech:

Perfect end to Labor Day weekend in Ridgeland SC. Day on the water and grilling fish and waiting for Tech to yell at Clumpson. Have a good week!

And with that, let’s go.

This is a PACKED version of Screencaps and there is a lot of content coming today. Go give your 110% at work. Next stop is Thanksgiving weekend. Buckle up.

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