Soccer field

Soccer field, volleyball courts and campfire area proposed for the Prop grant. 68 | News

Conceptual drawing showing the features that the West Side Recreation and Park District would like to fund with a state grant

The West Side Recreation and Park District is planning to use a state grant to fund a new recreation project that could include several new features at the community center.

The district is studying several concepts for a large grassy area east of the parking lot and just north of the wiffle ball fields.

Once built, the complex could include a scaled-down artificial turf soccer field (120ft by 60ft), a beach volleyball court, and even a bonfire area with a patio cover.

Other features being considered include a covered picnic area near the volleyball court, shade sails, improved entry, benches, and bike racks.

Most of the funding could come from a per capita grant from Prop 68 for which the district is applying.

He could receive anywhere from $ 176,000 to $ 190,000 with just $ 20,000 in matching, district administrator Les Clark III said.

Clark said he hoped to leverage grant funding with local money raised through donations, sponsorships and even crowdfunding to build the project.

The district considered building the project at the Franklin Field softball complex, but decided the best location would be the community center for supervision.

This article originally appeared on Taft Midway Driller: Football Pitch, Volleyball Pitches, and Campfire Area Proposed for the Prop Grant. 68