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Soccer Ball Emote Toy, Trophy Back Bling and more

The arrival of Neymar Jr in Fortnite has delighted football and Fortnite fans with the idea of ​​entering the battlefield and winning all the rewards dedicated to the famous athlete.

Once again, Fortnite streamer and content creator Gattu took to YouTube to share another helpful tutorial on how to earn the latest in-game rewards.

How to get all of Neymar Jr’s rewards in Fortnite: Soccer Ball Emote Toy, Trophy Back Bling and more

Fortnite’s latest update provided players with a crazy new weapon, the Unstable Bow, as well as a variety of rewards inspired by Neymar Jr. These rewards can be viewed at the end of a looper’s battle pass for season 6.

Currently, the in-game rewards related to Neymar Jr are:

  • soccer ball toy
  • Banner icon
  • Matador Loading Screen
  • Neymar Jr skin.
  • Joia Back Bling Trophy
  • Jaguar Strike harvesting tool
  • “Hush.” Emote
  • Spray “I’m ready”
  • Stealth Shot Emoticon
  • “Freedom Celebration” Emote
  • Aerial acrobat glider
  • Skin of Neymar Jr (exhibition)

Gattu’s video below not only shows players each of the rewards, but shows players how to unlock each one.

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Gattu informs Fortnite loopers that to unlock these special items, they will need to complete specific challenges. After speaking with Galactico at the Pleasant Park soccer field, players can unlock the soccer ball toy, which is also usable in the Paris-themed Welcome Hub.

“Now we’re heading down Pleasant Park Street” {Image via Gattu on YouTube}

Gattu suggests that after talking to Galactico and accepting his quests a few times, similar to previously assigned quests from Raz, players can work to unlock all of the rewards. To do this, they simply have to go several times near the Pleasant Park football ground.

However, this may be easier said than done. Part of the problem with challenges like these requiring specific drop points is the vastly increased number of people simultaneously dropping into the same spot while working to complete the same quests.

Players are already reporting that the toxicity is already skyrocketing, as those wearing the Neymar Jr skin in-game bully other players trying to unlock the same rewards.

Players looking to collect the Neymar Jr rewards may consider landing elsewhere and heading to the football field to complete these challenges with minimal interference from the opponent.

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