Soccer game

Seattle Police Interrupt ‘Antifa Football’ Game, Arrest 7 at Cal Anderson Park

Seattle police have disrupted what attendees called an “anti-fa football” game and arrested seven people Sunday in Cal Anderson Park, where the city recently cleared a homeless camp.

One person required paramedics during the confrontation between the police and the group, as shown in photos of Matt Mitgang, who was walking around the neighborhood during the incident. The 26-year-old man, who had a medical problem, was taken to Harborview Medical Center in stable condition, firefighter spokesman David Cuerpo said.

Video at the scene shows several officers marching towards the football game and the argument, which occurred at around 4:30 pm “You are all achieving double standard here, aren’t you? A participant told the police who arrived to remove the group dressed in black, according to Instagram pictures. Members of the group said other people were playing in the park without being chased away by police.

A man spat at a police officer and was arrested, Detective Patrick Michaud said. Then six people “tried to stop this individualHe wrote in an online update. A large group surrounded the police and other police were called, Michaud said.

In a video that was broadcast live on Instagram before any arrest, two police cars could be seen in slow motion on the street in Cal Anderson Park driving away. The video shows a handful of people dressed in black, or “black bloc”, kicking a soccer ball on the field, while two others hang a sign reading “Housing is the cure” on a nearby fence.

One person started recording and yelled at the police cars that they were “profiling” because they did not show up to the park until the “black bloc” people started playing.

“Why was it that when the black bloc came out to play football you all started to quit. You are profiling, ”he said. “We just play football. The park and recreation wardens told us [the park] might not even be closed.

When the cars moved forward, the person returned to the soccer field.

The police department’s force investigation team will investigate what led the person to be taken to hospital, the police update said. Seven people were taken from the park to the King County Jail.

Sunday’s confrontation followed a park cleanup on Friday in which police ordered people living in the park to leave, while city workers removed fences and debris. Police say they arrested 24 people, including the protesters.

The park, on Capitol Hill in Seattle, was the site of a homeless encampment and a hub for protest activity from the former Capitol Hill Organized Protest Zone that protesters formed after the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis this spring. Protesters called for racial justice and funding for the police department. A nearby police station remains surrounded by concrete blocks following attempted arson attacks this summer.

As neighborhood residents use the park – people can be seen walking a dog in the same video during the soccer game – Michaud said the park remains technically closed and officers must enter the park and tell people inside to leave.