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Scott ‘the bulldozer’ Morrison ‘tackles’ a child on a football pitch

The election campaign has been a rocky road for Prime Minister Scott Morrison, but his latest trip has brought down an unsuspecting boy.

The unfortunate mishap happened in Tasmania on Wednesday at a children’s football match in Devonport, with a very enthusiastic Mr Morrison joining in the game.

Eager to try to win the game, the country’s leader – dressed in a shirt and tie – headed for a young player with the ball, but a misstep saw him charge over the shoulder another young boy instead.

Scott Morrison tackled a young boy during a football match in Tasmania. Source: AAP

The young boy, named Luca, fell flat under the weight of Mr Morrison who rolled for a few seconds before regaining his feet.

The moment was captured on video and has since been shared online where others have compared the Australian leader’s blunder to a similar gaffe by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Sadly, the British leader – then mayor – suffered the same fate in 2015 while playing rugby in Japan, with a 10-year-old schoolboy wincing in pain.

It appears Mr Morrison has lived up to his own words, showing the nation what a ‘bulldozer’ he really is.

Addressing parents and children at the club, Mr Morrison took the incident in his stride.

“I can’t wait to come back on another occasion. I think when that grandstand comes down, I hear it might take a bit of a bulldozer to knock it down, so maybe I could help with that.” , he told the room.

The ‘bulldozer’ comment refers to comments the Prime Minister made last week where he admitted he can be ‘a bit of a bulldozer’.

Mr Morrison knocked the boy down and turned around before he found his feet.  Source: Getty

Mr Morrison knocked the boy down and turned around before he found his feet. Source: Getty

Social media erupts: ‘Good tackle Scott’

It wasn’t long before social media was flooded with comments from Australians who saw the amusing blunder.

Many have pointed out that he plays football and not rugby where tackles are allowed.

“Can he do anything right?” one person laughed.

“Good tackle Scott, but that’s the wrong play,” joked another.

One said ‘Bulldogs need to sign him up’, referring to the NRL football team.

While others were more concerned about Luca, who would be fine.

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