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Scott Morrison tackles video of junior football player, reaction

Scott Morrison accidentally flattening a junior football player has become the most controversial moment of the campaign trail.

Scott Morrison accidentally provided the most memorable moment of the election campaign when he sensationally wiped out a small child while playing football in Tasmania.

The Prime Minister was playing a practice game with children at the Devonport Strikers home when he ran towards goal which went horribly wrong.

He slammed a small child and then got entangled on the floor.

The Prime Minister joked: “I’m surprised he hasn’t been taken to hospital.”

Luca Fauvette, who plays in less than eight years, was fine.

The Prime Minister had just landed in Tasmania for a night of training at the football club.

Mr. Morrison met with players and parents and delivered a speech on the government’s $3.5 million commitment to redesign the playing field and upgrade facilities.

“I can’t wait to come back on another occasion,” he told parents and children.

“I think when that grandstand comes down, I hear it might take a bit of a bulldozer to bring it down, so maybe I could help with that.”

Both Scott Morrison and the football club posted statements on Facebook about the collision.

“A big thank you to young Luca for being such a good sport,” the Prime Minister wrote.

“You may have seen we had a little collision in club training tonight at Devonport Strikers Football Club in Tasmania. I spoke to Luca and his mum Ali this evening to check on him. and he was in good shape.

“It’s great to be able to chat with him about his love of football and to hear that he’s already scored three hat-tricks in his budding career.”

The vision of the moment went viral in Australia on Wednesday night and brought out the best and worst of social media.

Some jokes weren’t bad.

“In ScoMo’s defence, the kid is a United fan. Play on it,” Tim Barrow tweeted.

“I don’t kick a teammate ‘it’s not my job’,” wrote Joel Wood.

“I trip over young children, dogs, pipes and my own feet on occasion. Happy to headline my blunders if needed,” Catherine Wilcox added.

But others wanted to turn what was clearly an accident into a political opportunity to score points.

“WAF? As an elementary school teacher, I would probably be suspended if I did that! He’s a big, heavy man. It’s dangerous. He’s from another planet,” Kate Stanner tweeted.

“Once again proving his incompetence… …it’s sad that I’ve repeated that comment SO MANY TIMES!!” Bill Falknau wrote on Facebook.

“This guy surely can’t survive after Saturday. It’s a national and international embarrassment,” Cody Murray added.

Which meant that others felt the need to come to the Prime Minister’s defence.

“It looked like his only thought was for the child’s safety, although he held the child and rolled over so that he landed on the ground and not on the child,” Sue Tidey said.

“ScoMo played a sport with children. They tripped, he held the kid and took the fall himself protecting the boy. Totally nothing and innocent. Indeed endearing and kind he took the time to play. Pass!” added Louise Ward.

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