Soccer game

Scott Morrison flattens child in football game in Tasmania

It’s time to wrap up this campaign.

Prime Minister and professional sports cosplayer Scott Morrison may be looking for a new job after this weekend’s federal election, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be the Socceroos’ next recruit after his skills in football went viral on Wednesday.

Morrison is in Tasmania as part of his final days of campaigning, where he attended Devonport Strikers football club in Braddon – a marginal seat.

The club just received $3.5 million in funding in a grant announced yesterday, but it’s unclear if that’s enough to clean up the mess Morrison made when he tried his hand (or…feet ) to sport for its own sake.

In footage that was thankfully captured by the traveling press kit, Morrison can be seen bowling with a child during a junior football game.

In the interest of fair and unbiased journalism, I must also point out that he also successfully attacked a small child. I’m not going to call it a win, considering he’s probably 10 times older than everyone else in the game, but it was a success.

The incident has already spawned a number of memes online in the minutes since.

Morrison is attending practice for the kids as well as practice for the senior women’s national team on Wednesday night.

He doesn’t hold a pipe and, apparently, he doesn’t bend it like Beckham either.