Soccer player

Schoolcraft footballer scores goals

SCHOOLCRAFT, Mich. (WOOD) — Schoolcraft senior Hannah Thompson is the scourge of football goalies.

Last year, she scored 87 goals to set the single-season record for women’s high school soccer in Michigan. In Schoolcraft’s game against Kalamazoo Hackett on Wednesday, she scored four goals to bring her tally for this season to 47.

“It doesn’t matter how many goals I score, it’s just if the team works together,” Thompson said. “A football team is not just one player, it’s all 11. So if we can all work together, improve together, learn how to pass the ball, then we will be good.”

“She will finish with a game and ask what the final score was, what was the total. She doesn’t even know how many she scored,” said her coach and father Scott Thompson. “I like that about her because she tries more to improve the team, to win and to be effective for the team.”

Despite losing an entire season to the COVID-19 pandemic, Thompson is just 51 goals shy of Michigan’s all-time women’s soccer record of 228. Schoolcraft still has six games left in the regular season.

She will play football for Eastern Michigan next year

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