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Scantily clad fan in cryptocurrency swimsuit interrupts Euro 2020 football match

The crypto hustle never ends.

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As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream and people try to promote new coins, it gets a little crazy. Like this: a young woman in a swimsuit with the name “WTF Coin” managed to pause the Belgium-Finland Euro 2020 football match earlier this week.

Under the “WTF Coin” caption on his outfit was the URL of the new digital currency’s website,

With a surprisingly relaxed look on her face, the woman climbed up a gate and then strolled onto the grounds. She continued until security intervened and dragged her out.

Pitch (or pitch) invaders aren’t new to nearly any major sport and there was another on the same day in a match between Denmark and Russia.

The unnamed WTF Coin model was notable because its appearance marked a moment in the continued expansion of cryptocurrencies trying to compete with Bitcoin and Dogecoin – it made it clear to anyone granting even a little watch out for the cryptosphere as new coins get aggressive.

The WTF Coin Crew website mission statement is something else:

There is nothing stronger than our idea and it’s brah time! The coronavirus will soon bring a zombie apocalypse! You have a unique chance to escape this crap with the legendary WTF coin and its hodlers and traders.

Let’s do it brah! COVID-19 isn’t just a virus, it’s an evil plan that will turn you into a zombie. Let’s stop this shit and save your ass with WTF brah.

OUR MISSION is to build a legendary community that will buy their own WTF island with blackjack and whores to escape the zombie apocalypse. Are you in brah?

Clear on that, “brah?” If not, maybe this, from the site “Token“, help you to. WTF” is a global super volatile [meme] token on which you will make a fortune and become a true legend. Enjoy it and let’s do the real big things!

What the WTF coin got for all the trouble? DexTools, a site that analyzes the trading of crypto assets in real time, showed that the currency had indeed risen after the model (or the site owner’s girlfriend or whatever) has been taken off the field, only to fall again.

The aftermath of the stunt was bad for most cryptocurrency holders, as everything from Bitcoin ($BTC) to the up-and-coming Dogecoin ($DOGE) meme seemed to go into freefall, lose more than $1 trillion in collective value before showing signs of recovery early Wednesday.

Believe us: Next time, make her wear an even smaller two-piece bikini and temporarily tattoo the name of the piece and the URL on her stomach. Everyone loves crypto, tattoos and tiny bikinis.

As for the actual match between Belgium and Finland, Belgium won 2-0.

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