Soccer field

Salvation Army of Topeka Builds Soccer Field, Launches New Program Spring 2022

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The Topeka Salvation Army will launch a new football program in 2022. The nonprofit organization will begin accepting applications for the new program in April.

Development director Shelley Robertson said she expects 50 to 60 children to take part in the program, which will include a summer league and a winter league. She said they will take care of low-income families in the area.

“A lot of low-income kids don’t have the opportunity to go out and be at a football club,” Robertson said. “We have all this wonderful space here that belongs to the Salvation Army, so the captain decided to go ahead and put a football pitch there.”

The new football field will be located next to the Salvation Army of Topeka at 1320 SE 6th Avenue. Robertson said they leveled and seeded the empty land next to it for the new field.

“We’re looking at doing something about fencing,” Robertson said. “We cannot have permanent fencing here as we are in a flood zone, but we will be installing temporary fencing as we are in a high traffic area.”

The Sunflower Soccer Association donated soccer goals for the new field. Robertson said they plan to paint and refurbish them early next year. She said they plan to have a soft opening for the new field in March.