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Rhinebeck to bond $640,000 for artificial turf soccer field – Daily Freeman

RHINEBECK, NY — City council members have agreed to bond $640,000 toward the $1.56 million cost of building an artificial-turf soccer field at Thompson-Mazzarella Park.

Supervisor Elizabeth Spinzia told a city council meeting via video conference on Monday that the bond should have a 15-year interest rate of 4.1%, but said the bond could be paid off sooner.

“I recommend we get something that’s a few more points just so we don’t have a prepayment penalty,” she said. “We can pay that if we get more fund balance (so) we don’t carry it for 15 years,” she said. “15 years is what we are allowed to do under general municipal law due to the lifespan (expectation) of turf.”

Officials had sought to move the project forward earlier this year, but an engineering review revealed drainage issues that added about $200,000 to the cost.

“We finally got all the flaws in the build and the contract worked and the supply delays resolved,” Spinzia said. “COVID has affected everything from turf to… 48 inch duct tubing that we didn’t have.”

Funding for the project will also include $315,215 from the city’s budget balance, $160,000 from the city’s capital projects budget line, and $25,000 from the general fund budget.

Community donations will include $130,000 from the Rhinebeck Soccer League, $100,000 from league president Micheal DeCola, $50,000 from the Kibel Foundation, $35,000 from Porchfest and $100,000 from the Thomas Thompson Trust.

As proposed, the land would measure 110 meters by 75 meters. DeCola said the artificial turf should save about 52,000 gallons of water in maintenance costs, adding that natural turf must be fertilized and treated with insecticide annually.

DeCola said at a meeting in January that artificial turf should also reduce player injuries.

DeCola also said that despite its reputation, great strides have been made in addressing the environmental concerns of artificial turf.

“A lot of it is made from recycled material, and then there are places where it’s reused and recycled at the end of its functional life as sports field mats,” he said.