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Ravens to receive $150,000 in taxes for football game, angering Maryland treasurer

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Public officials are increasingly questioning whether NFL teams are getting too much of a deal on their stadiums at the expense of taxpayers, and the latest such question comes from the Maryland Treasurer about a deal given to the Ravens. from Baltimore.

English soccer teams Arsenal and Everton will play at M&T Bank Stadium on July 16, and the Maryland Stadium Authority, which owns the stadium, has agreed to donate $150,000 in tax revenue from the soccer game to the Ravens. Maryland Treasurer Derek Davis told the Baltimore Sun it was a big deal for the Ravens and a bad deal for the taxpayers.

“I’m seriously considering. . . asking for legislation that would remove that authority,” Davis said. ” It’s clear : They are callous and reckless with people’s money.”

The last time the M&T Bank Stadium held a concert, when Metallica came to town, the Ravens also received $150,000 of that tax revenue. Davis said there was no need to help a private company like the Ravens with public money.

“There’s a difference between being pro-business and being pro-dumb. And I’m not pro-stupid,” Davis said.

The Washington Commanders also play in Maryland, but they plan to build a new stadium and they have found little support to get help from taxpayers in Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia. A backlash seems to be building against the idea that tax money should go to big business in the NFL.