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Q&A with ME Basketball and Soccer Player Kaety L’Amoreaux

This is the sixth in a series of Q&A sessions with high school athletes.

Name: Kaety L’Amoreaux

The school: Maine-Endwell High School

Year at school: Junior

Sports: Football, basketball

Jersey numbers: 4, 11

Destination college: Fordham University

Ritual/custom/superstition to absolutely respect before the match?

“I get Dunkin’ drinks before games.”

Which superpower would you sign up for first?

“I would like invisibility because I could do whatever I wanted.”

Are you a better defender on the football or basketball field?

“I think I’m a better defender on the basketball court because I play basketball more often.”

Game of H*O*R*S*E, you vs. (older brother) Dom — no dipping: who should my money be on? And linked S to S, what is your favorite move?

“In a game of H*O*R*S*E, me vs. Dom, put your money on me because I’m not losing. Tied S-to-S, I’d be shooting from the volleyball line on the side law.

(Former Sis/BU softball ace) Allie is in the circle, you’re at home plate. Do you put the ball in play? Get a shot? Upgraded?

“I think if Allie is in the circle, I could make contact with the ball considering I’m retired from softball.”

Wave the wand and the vehicle of your choice appears in the driveway, all yours.

“My car of choice would be a matte black Lamborghini Aventador.”

Spiedies, fries, corn on the cob… Or… Grilled sirloin steak, sautéed asparagus and oven-roasted fingerling potatoes?

“Spiedies, fries, corn on the cob would be my choice because I don’t like asparagus.

Language other than English that you would like to master?

“One language I would like to learn would be Mandarin because I want to travel when I grow up.”

Over/under temperature to determine whether you go to school in shorts or shorts?

“The plus/minus would probably be 50 (degrees).”

Meaning for jersey numbers?

“When I was in eighth grade, my best friend and my sister were our 3 and 5, so I wanted to be No. 4. For my football number, I had the last choice, so I took No. 11.”

Why KAETY rather than the conventional spelling?

“There is no reasoning behind the spelling of Kaety, my dad just wanted it to be unique.”

Activity in the weight room/gym that you don’t like the most but struggle with?

“Probably my least favorite activity in the weight room is stretching. I’m not very flexible, but I know it has many benefits.

The coolest place you’ve played basketball in?

“A park in Indianapolis, on an outdoor court.”

Following: The top-seeded Amoreaux and Spartans will take on second-seeded Johnson City for the Division 4 Class A basketball championship on March 6 at noon at Visions Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton.

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