Soccer game

Prince William at the Prince George football game is every dad proud

Prince William passes on more than the future of the monarchy to his eldest son, Prince George. He has also passed on his love for football and is clearly delighted that his 8-year-old son has taken the banner with him. Especially now that Prince William can attend Prince George football games and stand aside to cheer him on like an ordinary dad.

The Duke of Cambridge took Prince George to his football game on Saturday and looked just like every other dad at every other Saturday football game around the world. Prince George was seen running around the pitch and looking very serious about the whole match, while his father posed for a photo on the sidelines with the opposing team to show some good sportsmanship.

Photos of Prince George and Prince William at the football game, which were shared on Twitter, were remarkable for several reasons. First, Prince William has proven he can blend in perfectly with just a baseball cap and a jacket. Second… Prince George is really big. Just like his mom and dad.

Eamonn McCormack – UEFA/UEFA/Getty Images

Prince George has long been a football fan, as has his father, even dressing in a suit and tie to join his parents at the European Cup last June to watch England play in the final. Despite his fancy outfit, he got almost hilariously excited when England scored against Germany. He and his parents, who had left Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3, at home for this solo outing with their eldest, all shared a big hug at the time.

If Prince George wasn’t in line for the throne, his father actually thinks he could make a career out of playing for his favorite football team, Aston Villa. He told former football player Peter Crouch on his podcast when asked if he could imagine Prince George playing professionally, “Certainly, I think he could. I think he could be their all-time top scorer. I see no reason why not. It would be great.

That’s the kind of fatherly pride he brought to his son’s game on Saturday. Standing on the sidelines, encouraging his son. There was probably even a high five or two at some point.