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Player of the year, all zones at Rockford

The Titans Boylan won the Class 2A Boys State Football title this season, providing an exciting end to the 2021 campaign. Many stars have rallied for the Titans, as well as other teams in the region, this season.

Boylan’s Taylor Sowell stepped up as much as any other and won the Rockford Register Star Boys Football Player of the Year award. Sowell was one of the cornerstones of the Titans, and his complete game showed on the biggest stage.

“He accepted his role straight away and was such a good team player and leader,” said Boylan coach Bart Boguszewski. “And when we really needed a goal, somehow, he would take it in hand and find a way to get it for us… It was just a highlight every time. that he was receiving the ball. “

Golden goal:Boylan Football Wins 2nd IHSA State Football Championship

Sowell had 19 goals and 21 assists this season for Boylan (27-1), who lost his first game of the season and went on to finish on a 27-game winning streak. He’s rarely left the field for the Titans all season, and they ended up beating their playoff opponents 25-2.

“Taylor is the most creative player I have ever coached,” said Eron Harvey, who coaches Sowell with the Rockford Raptors FC team. “He has phenomenal footwork and he’s always determined to put a team aside if he gets the chance.”

Sowell, along with teammate Jack Bonavia and Guilford’s Brayan Cuevas, has just been named to the IHSSCA All-State squad. Sowell has also recently formed a team entirely in the Midwest and is ready for an All American slot machine.

Here’s a look at the exploits of the rest of the men’s off-road soccer team:

Jack Bonavia, Boylan

The midfielder netted a penalty with less than a minute left to secure Boylan’s 1-0 victory over Troy Triad in the Class 2A State Championship match at Hoffman Estates. And he’s been a powerful goalscorer and all-rounder all season, taking home honors from all sections and all states. Bonavia finished the season with 22 goals and 14 assists.

Brayan Cuevas, Guilford

This senior forward has also been named in All States and Sections, totaling 12 goals and four assists. Cuevas helped Guilford go 15-3-1 this season. “Between Brayan and Efrain, my big central midwayers, they’re pretty much at the top level,” Guilford coach Luke Anderson said. “They both deserve every honor they could get.”

Dasha Curiel, Lutheran

The junior midfielder has been the Big Northern Conference’s best player this year, leading Lutheran on a four-game winning streak at the end of the season and in the playoffs. The junior forward is expected to be a total force on the pitch next season. “He has one of the most explosive first steps in the region,” said Harvey, also coach of Rockford Christian. Curiel scored a hat trick in the game against Rockford Christian this season. “He’s a threat to score anywhere on the pitch.”

Julio Davila, East

The senior eastern midfielder has registered 11 goals and seven assists this year.

Alyas Fritz, Boylan

Boylan's senior goaltender Alyas Fritz was instrumental in the Titans' run for the program's second state title in men's soccer.

Fritz has been the starting goalie in all but four games this season, registering 16 shutouts, including five in a row at one point. He missed a game of two early in the playoffs with injury, but quickly returned to form. He jumped to allow just one goal in each of the quarterfinals and semi-finals, then threw a shutout in the state title game.

Jorge Hernandez, Belvidere

The forward fell behind and helped Belvidere advance to the Class 2A regional finals. He finished with 23 goals and 18 assists to propel Belvidere to an 18-4 overall record.

Jackson Jarrett, Guilford

The defender was a Guilford captain and also a team member from all sections. He has scored two goals and had four assists this season. “He’s just a great team player and a great teammate,” said Anderson. “He always creates that atmosphere that you need in a good team.”

Jaep Pinedo, Harlem

The senior center-back, who has scored one goal and one assist this year, has made it difficult for the Huskies to score throughout the season. His physical game has allowed Harlem to participate in many matches.

Isaac Reveles, Belvidere

The midfielder dominated the NIC-10 in goals scored with 36, and he also had 21 assists.

Efrain Rivas, Guilford

The senior forward was part of the squad of all sections and scored 10 goals and six assists.

Boylan's Bryan Sanchez, left, flies through the air while trying to maintain ball control during the Titans' run to the State Finals.

Bryan Sanchez, Boylan

The forward, who marked a surge towards the end of the season, led Boylan with 24 goals and 23 assists, and was a force during the playoffs.

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