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Pimblett banned from football game for cheering on the wrong team

UFC fans seem to genuinely appreciate Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett and his charming Scouser enthusiasm. But it was that same enthusiasm that got him kicked out of Vicarage Road Stadium after apparently cheering a bit too much on the visiting Liverpool team on their 5-0 run against home side Watford.

Be an American publication here at, we will not pretend to understand the intricacies of football / soccer politics, but apparently it is considered wrong to sit in the home team section of a stadium and cheer on the home team. ‘away, which is exactly what Paddy was doing as his Liverpool squad beat the newly bred club.

“I can’t believe the audacity of these stewards who set us apart when several people celebrated around us and escorted us out of the stadium,” Pimblett wrote on Instagram. “Watford, do something for your stewards. “

Paddy insists he was not “going overboard” about this. And if it happens once, maybe it’s the flight attendants. But, we become a little suspicious after learning that Paddy was subsequently kicked out of a pub for the same apparent reason: he was a little too Liverpudian at a designated Watford fan bar.

“I got kicked out of the game for celebrating and now we’ve been kicked out of the boozer by the stewards because he’s a home boozer,” said apparently shocked Pimblett. “Watford, Ben Foster, I love you buddy. But, I hope Watford is going to fall, you are horrible, horrible.

Now maybe, just maybe, were all of these places doing Paddy a favor to get him out of there before the deflated Watford fans decided to kick Pimblett in the head like a bullet?