Soccer game

Parents outraged after their daughter was confronted with racist chanting at her football match: ‘It’s disheartening’

The family of a black high school football player released a statement Friday to address the racist harassment their daughter faced at a state championship game in El Dorado, Calif., in March. 5. Posting the family’s statement on Twitter, Brian Wilson said his loved ones were “horrified, angry, sad and in utter shock” when they heard monkey noises coming from the school bleachers Oak Ridge secondary while Ciara Wilson was awarded a penalty. kick for Buchanan High School.

“Time stood still for a few seconds as we all processed what just happened on the pitch,” the family said in their statement, adding that the noises were “calculated, disrespectful and hurtful.”

Brian said the racist incident not only affected Ciara, but also her two sons who were at the game. The family, who made the three-hour trip from their Fresno home to El Dorado for the championship game, are now demanding an apology from Oak Ridge administrators and CIF, the state’s governing body for sports. in high school.

“What happened on the Oak Ridge football field during Ciara’s penalty kick is the responsibility of the Oak Ridge administration, the official CIF presence and the referees who failed to protect Ciara and provide a safe environment,” the Wilsons said. “There’s absolutely no denying the monkey noises made during and after she took the penalty and also the laughter coming from the Oak Ridge side. It’s heartbreaking.”

Oak Ridge administration, the CIF official in attendance, referees and adults “appeared unfazed and indifferent to what happened,” the family said.

“There was absolutely no immediate action taken to address the crowd. They were in shock and felt embarrassed,” the Wilsons said of their daughter. pitch from her PK, she was visibly shaken as her teammates consoled themselves.”

In the clip shared online, the monkey sounds can be heard clearly as Ciara prepares to take her penalty.