Soccer game

PandaBall Kickstarter is live with its Panda football game
Just when you thought your Thursday couldn’t get any better, we come with great joy. A two-stick action football game starring a group of pandas is on its way to funding on Kickstarter. Visit the campaign page for PandaBall here and, if all goes according to plan, you can find out on PlayStation 4 in August 2019. It’s the strangest soccer game we’ve seen since. Ganbaré! Super strikers.

This is an easy to learn, but difficult to master, 5v5 soccer game. There are only three buttons to worry about. Players will move and shoot with the joysticks, pass with the circle button, and sprint with the right trigger. Simple commands make PandaBall easy to understand even for non-players, but each Panda will have their own unique stats and abilities, so that the most competitive players can get their strategic solution.

PandaBall features:

  • Easy to play, even for people with no gaming experience, with always the possibility of increasing your level of technical skill.
  • Various balls and bonuses with different traits and effects.
  • Each Panda is unique in appearance, passive ability, items, stats, and personality. This leaves the player the freedom to create a team completely to his liking, both in terms of look and strategy.
  • Each Panda has its own level and a quest to complete for each level. Upgrading grants your Panda a new item, making your skills apparent to other players.
  • While playing PandaBall, you will be rewarded with experience points for each game. Start as a “panda apprentice” and become a “panda champion”.

The developer GETAGAME wishes to emphasize that PandaBall will be a “premium” game, with many unlockables and cosmetic rewards that are earned just by playing. The team will aim to deliver a finished product that you can enjoy with friends for a long time.

Yes PandaBall looks like the kind of game you never know you need, we are sure the members of this development team would love your support. Hopefully we’ll have another Kickstarter success story on our hands.